Wow, what a massive bookweek! My school visits last week were across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, so I spent a lot of time in peak traffic, but I had a lovely variety of schools of all shapes and sizes.

One highlight was going to Shore Prep, where they were fundraising for Room To Read and the Stubbies World Change Challenge. The librarian had me read out Zak the Yak and the kids were book busking. This was so cool, kids reading their books and other kids could listen and pay them with coins. It’s something that I want to use in my book 🙂

Photo: It's been a fabolous Book Week, highlights everyday this week like when I met Zak the Yak from Room To Read!

This week I’m down at the Melbourne Writers Festival, to speak about Punchlines. I was surprised to see a front row of familiar faces, cHEwY gum gums that came to see my talk last year. Talk about pressure hehe. I had fun trailing new gags and refining my talk that I usually do, throwing in a jokey joke competition where someone can win my book (no joke).

Today’s winning joke was ‘Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill?’

‘To get down to the bottom’

*boom tish*

Photo: Michael Pryor at the Melbourne Writers Festival!

I love the Dymocks bookstore, mostly because it’s buy 3, get one free! So I snapped up some titles, including Michael Pryor’s latest book. School visits are slowing down now as the term winds up, which means I have time to start writing and also plan my Thainomite book launch, there are some bookstore events lined up for October-watch this space!


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