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Did I really just have a chat with one of my idols? Somebody pinch me!
I was extremely lucky to interview Morris Gleitzman for Newswrite (NSW writer’s centre newsletter) about his latest book Grace. I’ve heard Morris speak many times at festivals and I was chuffed to have a phone conversation with him. For all the classics he has written, he still feels that each book he writes is like his first, with fresh challenges. He has continously pushed himself to write about enduring characters in sticky, sometimes foreign situations.

Grace is one of those characters-her family is part of a Christian fundamentalist group (hardcore religious people). Grace has started to ask a lot of questions about life. She’s spurred on her father who encourages Grace’s curiousity. This lands her and her dad in hot water with the church elders. I gotta say, it’s an ambitious story for kids. But Morris’ knack for drawing out grounded characters who love their family and friends carries this moving story.

Check out the interview (without the stuttering and gasps) in the next issue of Newswrite. I’ll see if I can post the interview later on…

Speaking of Morris, what’s your fave Morris Gleitzman book? Mine is ‘Give Peas a Chance.’ No, not cos I have a thing for puns, but because they’re short stories about characters from his other books, sorta like a ‘where are they now?’ TV show. Great stuff.



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  1. Kofi says:

    10/01/10 @ 4:30 pm 

    Hey, I’ve read the book Grace, but what actual religion are they? I mean i know they’re Christian, but what type, or is this type made up, because what they do in this book…………….wow hardcore.

    Much love, Kofi, age 12

  2. Oliver says:

    14/01/10 @ 6:01 pm 

    Hi Kofi, yeah it’s pretty hardcore stuff, I’m guessing that it’s an extreme version of Christainty, something cult-like. I spoke to Morris about this and he says that the group is not based on one particular group but from a bunch of groups.
    Glad you enjoyed the book 🙂

  3. jemimah says:

    10/11/11 @ 3:58 pm 

    love it read all of his books

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