I went to Manly library to hear Kirsty Eagar speak about her debut YA novel ‘Raw Blue.’ I met Kirsty last year when she won the CBCA frustrated writers mentoring program. I was shortlisted with my ‘Starstruck’ manuscript. It was perfect timing because she spoke about her time with Penguin books, how they handled her work with care. My meeting with Heather put my mind at ease about the editorial process, and Kirsty’s beaming smile just rubberstamped it-embrace the challenge because your story will grow.

I just love how Kirsty let us into her own writing world. She told us about how the 1st draft can be terrible and uncomfortable, but neccessary. She’s a morning writer, battling the doubt that seems to be in every writer’s head. I block out mine out with a can of V hehe. She might kill me for saying this, she dreamt about her characters in Raw Blue. How cool is that?   

Kirsty’s proof that when you’re writing about your passion, you can’t lose!


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