Happy May Day!

It’s been a nice school holidays for me. These days are used to recharge, relax and catch up with my teacher buddies. Easter was wonderful, after eating so many hot cross buns and buying awesome showbags like Adventure Time and Pokemon (with the cool small backpacks hehe).

Plus I went to Nelson Bay for a weekend away too, so I’m definitely itching to get back into the school visits and writing. I got my editor’s comment on Ethan’s story (previously known as Kevin hehe) for Stuff Happens. I’m happy to be back into this editing mode, where I get to read comments and do slight tweaks and changes in my story. It definitely makes the story better in the long run. And it’s part of the publishing process, I can’t think of anyone who sends in a manuscript and it comes back with no changes…it’s nice to get both positive and ‘constructive’ feedback on your work. It’s made me a better writer for sure 🙂

Anyhoo, once I get through this second edit, I’m gonna go back to my Nothing’s Prefect book. I want this one to come out in June next year, so I gotta get this back on track 🙂


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