Hey hey!

The kids and parents were out in force for PWF’s family day. I love how it’s in the mix of the adult sessions too, so there were plenty of writers and fans around. I had my workshop in the morning, it was a great funny workshop where kids came up with amusing things like teddy bears with guns, you know, normal stuff hehe.

I was thrilled to see Cristy Burne speak, we go way back. Her book, Takeshita Demons won the Diverse Voices award, something that Thai-riffic! was nominated for. So I’m happy that her books have taken off too.

The talk in the arvo was a hoot, a packed tent of kids and adults were laughing at various things…some jokes for the little kids, some jokes for the mums and dads, it was a nice mix lol. One kid asked me who was going to win the Labor leadership, I said it didn’t make a difference…there you go, the only time my talks have ever gone political!

Both Con-nerd and Thai-riffic! sold out after the talk, so thanks to my MC who said that every book sold means another toy in my collection…FACT! I finished off the day with watching the 14th Tale, a wonderful one person play about an African immigrant, it’s funny and touching.

Of course, I couldn’t leave the festival without stalking Alice Pung lol, it was great to see her there 🙂

Neways, I loved Perth and can’t wait to come back 🙂


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