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Happee New Chinese Year my cHEwY gum gums….

Wow, it has been awhile. I didn’t have much of a Christmas because I was preparing for my wedding. But rest assured that I celebrated New Years Eve in style, while I was in Kuala Lumpar on my honeymoon.

I’ve been back for a couple of weeks, settling into a new place, I’m on the third floor of a flats that overlooks a primary school. Perfect for scoping out some playground tales and at the moment, there’s kids doing their fitness on the tennis/basketball courts.

This is all research-for my stories hehe.

I’m currently working on an exciting new series for Penguin, where authors will write about kids who all go to the same school. That’s right, they all live in the same world. Characters will be walking in and out of each other’s books. It’s all pretty cool stuff and I’m excited to be transporting Bookish over to this series.

Yep, Bookish is being transformed. I feel that my beloved tale of a bookworm is better suited to this series, rather than a stand alone book. This means, they’ll be a delay for my next cHEwY creation but it’ll be worth the wait 🙂 Now I know why so many authors and music artists take ages between books, setbacks and sidetracks add up…though this has only made me hungrier to get back on the shelves.

So, I’ll have to get this book finished by March, before I go to China for a writers’ tour. (how’s that for a reward hehe). I’ll keep you posted on how the new Bookish is going too!

And just in case I needed a reason to keep on writing, Con-nerd has been nomintated for a Sakura Award, a kids choice awards for international school students in Japan. Thanks cHEwY gum gums!



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