Hey cHEwY gum gums

I’m halfway through my 2-week May Gibbs fellowship in Norwood, and Bookish is taking shape in the Studio apartment, nicknamed the Burrow. It’s cool inside, despite the hot Spring weather. I’ve given up on the first draft and rebooted a 2nd draft. I’m up to 11,000 or something words now (but who’s counting right hehe). It’s been awhile since I’ve been so focused with writing. I mean, I’ve always been one of those authors who can write anywhere, anytime, squeeze in half an hour here and there….but to be off on your own writing, wow it does wonders.

And it’s just not when I’m at the laptop…when I’m walking to the shops, off for a jog, in the shower…Jamie’s voice is loud and clear, telling what to do. I jot down notes about characters, events, gags on the board next to my table. They’ll branch into scenes and parts of the book. In between, I’m reading multiple books, first of all My Ideal Bookshelf. I picked it up at Better Read Than Dead in Newtown and was wrapped by the artwork. People talking about their faves and inspirations…all research for Bookish and more books to add to my reading list.

I decided that my kindle deserved a fighting chance, so I bought a book that I would have bought in paper form. David Levithan is one of fave authors of recent times (love hearing him speak at festivals). I enjoyed his book, Lover’s Dictionary and now Everyday is out. Both books have concepts that are breathed out well, they could have been just gimmicks but here in David’s hands, it’s just so cool. I’m struggling to read the e-book with its weird location numbers and shape and size but the narration shines through.

Finally, I’ve been exploring the bookshelf inside here in the Burrow and discovering authors I never knew…I had to goggle some of these authors and see what else they’ve written. One author is Phillip Gwynne. I went with Jetty Rats, and it’s quite good. Perfect since it’s about a 13 year old, just like Jamie in Bookish.

Hopefully I’ll able to nut out a full draft of Bookish by Monday…and then I’ll let it simmer over the Christmas holidays, I think it’s taking shape 🙂

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