My last couple of days at Ipswich Literature Festival were wonderful. On Friday I went to Serviceton South State School with Deb Abela. We both had two workshops each with some of the best kids from the school. I got to use some improv and had fun with the skeleton in their lovely library.

We came up with all sorts of names for this skeleton guy like Mr Skinless and Mr I Need Organs, writing stories about him!

The adults came out to play over the weekend. I got to be a student and learn heaps from my writing pals such as Deb Abela, Aleesah Darlison, Richard Newsome (I got his new Billionaire book…and there’s more to come) and a great storytelling workshop with Tania, she was great!

The dinner theme was Moroccan, based on Jeanie Baker’s Mirror book. We rocked the kasbah and had some fun with belly dancing. Random hehe.

I got to work on Thai-riffic! 2 stories over the weekend. I have nine stories that will be worked and polished until October. That’s my mission now. My lovely editor Heather is also going to give me her first edits on Punchlines so it’ll be a double whammo! It should be all good, I hope haha 🙂


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