Yo yo!

This week at Ipswich has been awesome. A mix of school visits, workshops and talks in town and at Woodlands…it’s kept me on my toes and busy. Been loving these kids, full of energy and beans drowned in Red Bull. You never know what to expect 🙂

Loving my afternoons in Woodlands, relaxing, writing, doing a bit of exercise (they feed us authors really well) and reading…ah bliss.

On Tuesday I went to the Readers Cup QLD final…a reading comp for kids. Thai-riffic! was one of the titles so it was cool to be Quizmaster.

Look at all those prizes!

It was exciting to see so many kids loving books and I wish there was something like this when I was a kid, I would have blitzed it! Bookworms unite hehe

We had a ghost tour of the mansion on Tuesday night. It was a lot of fun and very informative, the history behind the place is great. But we didn’t see any ghosts.

Brian Faulkner shot a picture of a ‘ghost’ last year. You be the judge here at his You tube clip.

I saw a snake today that came out of nowhere…there’s also a peacock that’s roaming around here too.

Yep, we’re really secluded here 🙂


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