The 50 Book Shop Project

Hey cHEwY gum gums!

Yes I know that my posts are meant to be out on cHEwsday but I had a school visit on that day. Then I ventured over to Bondi Junction to visit Harry Hartog Bookseller to sign copies of my new book, Brain Freeze.

It was my 11th bookshop on my 50 Book Shop Project. While popping into bookstores to sign books are the norm when a new book comes out, I want to try to reach 50 book shops by the end of this year. Now this would have been easier if I was able to travel out of NSW and ACT (fingers crossed my QLD trip in November goes ahead), but I’ll still try to get to my 50 book shop goal.

A part of this reason is just because I’m game to travel while I can. Another reason is that I want to support bookstores and genuinely ask them how they’re going during these times. Besides, gamifying bookshop visits makes it a joy too haha.

So expect to see me pop up on your social media feeds as I cover most of the bookshops around Sydney and a few around the rural areas, who knows where I’ll pop by…

Tally: 14 bookshops and counting…


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