Roald Dahl’s right up there for my all time fave authors. His quirky storytelling kept me hooked and I discovered that kids can be just as cluey as adults. I got that Dahl feeling when I wasĀ reading Trenton Lee Stewart’s Mysterious Benedict Society.

A mysterious man named Mr Benedict invites kids to take a series of tests for a top-secret mission. Only four kids survive the puzzles and riddles. Each kid is gifted and talented. Reynie is their calm and cool leader. Kate is a bucket of resourceful ideas. Sticky is an info-sponge and Constance…well that’s a secret šŸ™‚
TheĀ bestĀ thing about this brain-guzzling book is that you can solve the puzzles and riddles along with the Society. Don’t worry, if you’re like me, you canĀ just read on and see how they worked it out. I’ll stick to findawords and sudoku thanks kekeke
There’s so many close shaves in the adventure, the pages should have come with bandaids! There’s also a strong sense of family and belonging. The society is made up of orphans and missing children andĀ they form a close bond. It’s sweet, but nothing that makes you want to brush your teeth afterwards šŸ™‚
It came out in 2007, so I’m a late traveller on this bandwagon. It was recommended by a friend who works at a bookstore, thanks Lindy heaheahea.

*shameless reference to previous post*

I snapped up the second book instantly but I’m giving myself a break so I can savour the next adventure. With the third installment coming out in October,Ā it’s the perfect time to discoverĀ theĀ series andĀ give your brain a workout.

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