A Googly Day

Welcome to Google!

Hey hey!

I’ve been teaching a lovely year 3/4/5 class this week, a very lucky class indeed.

Yesterday, we went to Google Headquarters in Sydney to try out their new Wave program, the first in the world! Imagine something like MSN mixed in with Google’s tools such as their images search, maps and translate etc. It’s real-time instant messaging, and you can add in as many people as you like into the conversation.  

The students got into small groups and collabrated on a story, attaching images, clips and sounds. What a cool way for people to team up and write stories. You can edit each other’s entries and file them into folders (or chapters). But how awesome would it be to take turns writing stories, and having instant feedback on them.

I’m very proud of the kids and already dreaming up ways to use the Wave when it comes out!


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