Hey cHEwY gum gums

First of all, sorry for being away for sooooOOOOoooo long. Just to recap what happened in the last few weeks…

I finally finished my latest draft of Bookish and have sent it to Penguin. I’m waiting for the green light before I can dish the goss on what the story’s about. It wasn’t a hard book to write but this one did take time. I kept pushing back the deadline for this one for 3 months (hence why I’ve been away for so long haha). Bookish is really taking shape and I hope we can get down to making this story even better. Funny how as soon as you let a manuscript go, you have all these other ideas coming hehe. Well, fingers crossed.

This term is BOOK term, almost every day I have a school visit or festival to go to. I’m in Melbourne now for the first of 2 weeks here in August. I love the rush and meeting new faces in every school, they help me shape my own characters as you know. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of exploring new libraries too, as well the little displays and posters that the teacher-librarians have done to drum up some support. Tomorrow, I’ll be at Dandenong High for the 3rd year in a row, a record for me. I’m glad they really like me to hype the year 7 kids into reading, I’m keen to throw some new jokes at the faithful who have seen me before.

But I’m really excited about tomorrow night, where I’ll be opening for the legendary Andy Griffiths at Scotch College’s Family Literature night. How’s that for a dream come true! Now I know that the kids will be there to see the great man himself, but it’ll still be crazy to mention how Andy influenced me with him in the same room haha.

I’m going to try to squeeze in some writing and wedding planning in between the school visits, not sure how much I’ll get done but I want to keep blogging for you guys, watch this space!


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