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It’s hard not to get excited about a new book! Things are under way for Con-nerd’s launches. I’ve nailed a date and place for the official cHEwY launch at Shearers’s Bookshop on June 26th, 6pm It’s going to be launched by my good pal and fellow author Chris Cheng I would love to see you there!

My school launch will be taking place at Lansvale Public School on June 15th. I had a meeting with the fabolous librarian Mary N and super-duper Kirsty Gillgren, who both were amazing at last year’s launch. Gotta make sure I do something special for them second time around 🙂

Because Connor loves manga and dragons, we’re thinking of having a drawing dragons competition. I know many kids there are talented artists so I can’t wait to decorate the hall with dragons. I’m blessed to have such a supportive school on my side.

I got my first advance copies of Con-nerd today. Check out the cover…

Evi O’s done it again! She’s also done something cool with the pages, I won’t spoil for you just yet…let’s just say that I can cross that off my things to do list.

So happy to be a Penguin…Morris Gleitzman’s new book Too Small to Fail has a main character named Oliver 🙂

Bring on June!


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