Happee Bday Andy!


A whole bunch of authors, including Deb Abela, Sue Whitling and Chris Cheng are here to celebrate children’s literature in the lovely Woodlands…some day the mansion is haunted, we may find out soon enough because we’ll be taking a ghost tour this week.

It feels like camp/retreat for authors and illustrators, caught up with many like Leigh Hobbs, Richard Newsome, Sally Rippin, Chris Bongers, the list goes on…good food and company for a whole week, you can’t complain!

Last night, our first night dinner was interrupted when the lights went off and then a cake appeared, we all sang happy birthday, unsure of whose birthday it is until the cake landed in front of Andy Griffiths lol. It was great to finally get to speak to Andy, and by speak I mean say more than… ‘hi I’m biggest fan and stuff’ haha.

Author Sheryl Gwyther is the resident blogger this week, you can catch the official blog here. I had three great workshops with kids who were bursting with ideas…if only there was a way to transfer all their thoughts onto paper without pencils haha, it was sort of like me as a kid, I loved writing but the idea generating was the most fun 🙂

I’m off to see Andy Griffiths do this thing at Ipswich Girls Grammar, he’s doing a public talk tonight. Should be fun!


That is one epic first slice :-p

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