It’s been a relatively quiet week. I finally handed in my copy of Punchlines to my fabtastic editor at Penguin Books.

Signed, sealed and delivered πŸ™‚

So now it’s onto my next phase of what I’ve dubbed ‘Project 2015’ and that’s Thai-riffic! 2, the world’s worst kept secret because we all knew that there was gonna be a part two right? hehe

I can’t wait to get stuck into Lengy’s world again, I loved all those quirky characters like Mr Winfree and Co. I’ve got a plan of all of the stories that I want to write and now it’s just a case of writing them. If I can nut out some first drafts of each of the new stories then I’m halfway there. It’s a case of rewriting and shining up the stories to make them dazzle πŸ™‚

In the meantime, I’ve been asked to do some short stories for anthologies, including one for Ford Street and another for the Story Factory, which is opening in Sydney around November. It’s going to be like a writers centre for kids and teens who want to learn the know how on writing. Β Wish I had this when I was a kid haha. The theme for the anthology is Mars so yeah…got a few ideas tossed up but restricting myself to 1000 words is tricky πŸ™‚ I’ll do a couple of Mars stories and then maybe post the ones that didn’t make the cut.

It took me ages to move those books in Dymocks, but it was worth it πŸ™‚

I’m reading the Dead, the prequel of sorts to the Enemy. I love this zombie series from Charlie Higson, it’s a world I fear and love at the same time. Books that have gripped me lately have been the bio on Austen Tayshus. I’ve worked with the great man himself and I respect him even more after reading this.

Also finished Rebecca Stead’s When You Reach Me. This book simply works as each piece slots into place. I couldn’t admire how clever it is and also enjoying the everyday life descriptions of life in general. Love it!


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