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I’m sitting in on the panel tonight with international and local writers as they discuss their fave children’s books. My fave one is There’s a monster at the back of this book, it’s the golden book with Grover 🙂

I had a fun youth day, entertaining middle school kids in two sessions. It was a good mix of authors, Rebecca Stead, Brenton Mckenna, Richard Newsome, we’ve got different styles and I was fascinated with how every writer became an author. We all draw from our childhoods, that’s for sure.

Rebecca Stead!

I think I’m the first author to ride a scooter in the state library AND still live to tell the tale haha

Listening right now to Lawrence Leung, he’s chosen The Bike Lesson by Stan and Jan Berenstain…cool! He’s done some clever photoshopping to give us an unique take on his childhood. Can’t wait for his next TV adventure.


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